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    NOTE : Before installing timetables please ensure you are running the latest version of the appropriate simulation. Please check the upgrade page for these. thankyou.

    Your timetable(s) will normally be supplied to you via the download page, example as below.

    However, if they have been supplied later via e.mail please ignore this part and go straight to 'Importing the File' section.

    This will be shown either at the end of your order when payment has been made, or though the e.mail sent to you. If you use the e.mail link you will need to enter your e.mail address which must be the same as that used for purchase.

    Simply click on the timetable link to download your timetable to a temporary or suitable folder - but remember where!


    • Please don't use the pcrail simulation folders for saving the file. Some reason this doesn't allow the timetable to import.
    • Please keep copies of your original timetable files in case you may change your PC or have problems with your hardware etc.



    Now you need to import the file and use it.

    Start your simulation, in this example the Rugby Simulation.

    Locate the top menu [FILE] then select [IMPORT]

    You should then see a screen like the following :

    The default location is drive C:\ as shown so you will need to alter this to look into the folder you saved the file which is, in our example, [downloads].

    You can see the downloads folder listed to open this by double clicking the mouse on it. You should then see a screen similar to the following :

    You can see the file in the folder. If you have previously downloaded other files they may also be shown.

    Click on the file and select [OK]. The following screen should then be shown :

    The timetable has then been imported to your simulation.

    To use the timetable select the menu [File] then [New]. The following screen should be shown :

    Move the mouse to the new timetable. 1968 Weekday MSX and your new timetable will now be in use.


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