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    Please note : With the release of a York 1951 Layout version it is important to realise all these timetables below were written prior to this release and will only work with the normal York IECC version.

    Any timetables which may be released later for the York 1951 Layout version will be on a seperate page when they become available.


Ref. Description   Price  
H5 1943 Weekday

[More Info]


H6 1996 Weekday [More Info] 7.50

H7 1949/50 Weekday [More Info] 12.50

H8 1996 Summer Saturday [More Info] 5.90

H9 1950 Summer Saturday [More Info] 12.50

HA 1950 Summer Sunday [More Info] 5.50

HB 1967/68 Weekday [More Info] 11.50

HD 2009 Summer Weekday [More Info] 9.50

HE 1974 Weekday [More Info] 6.50

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