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Welcome to PC-Rail Services.
Providing Additional Timetables for PC-Rail Customers.

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    User support - our support pages have moved and are now on this site, https://www.pcrail.co.uk/index.php?pts=support. There you can find a lot of answers to your queries and we will continue to offer the same high level of support.

    Additional Timetables

    What new challenges for your PC-Rail Simulations?

    Now you can enjoy some new challenges for your PC-Rail Simulations with alternative timetables from various years. Have a look on our timetables page to see our full range of what we have to offer together with the full list to print out in pdf format,  just select our full timetable list.

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    14/11/19 -We are pleased to announce the third additional timetable for the Warrington B.Q. Simulation.

        This timetable is sourced from the Network Rail working timetables dated 10/12/17 to May 2018 and incorporates sections CL01, CL02, CZ02 and CZ08.  It includes all of the updated traction for these lines including the new electric services  over the Chat Moss line. Some timings have been adjusted to avoid conflicts and care needs to be taken at some of the junctions to ensure some trains are not held up.


    27/09/19 - It's been a while since we've had an extra timetable for Norwich. So we are pleased to add a Weekday in 2018.

        This timetable is sourced from the Network Rail working timetables dated December 2017 - May 2018 and incorporates trains from sections LA02, LA03, LB03 and LD02.   The loco hauled stock using class 37 locos are actually top and tailed (loco both ends), however that is not possible in the simulation and so they detach at Norwich and are replaced with a new loco at the appropriate end. Apart from those, most local services are handled by DMUs of classes 153, 156 and 170/2. Cambridge - Norwich trains use class 170/2 units, while the Liverpool - Norwich services use 158 express sprinters. Trains to and from London Liverpool Street are handled by class 90 electric locos running as push pull with a driving van trailer at the opposite end. Freight services are mostly handled by class 66 diesel locos with the odd incursion of classes 47 and 60.


    06/09/19 -  Back 110 years to 1909 and Exeter Central on a busy July Weekday.

        This timetable is sourced from the 1909 London and South Western Railway working timetables. The west of Exeter services involved splitting of trains at different locations such as Yeoford, Barnstaple, Halwill Junction and Wadebridge. The line from Exeter St David's to Exeter Central was steeply graded and required an assisting loco for most freight services. In real life the assisting loco just pushed from the rear but that is not possible in the simulation. Instead a pilot loco is attached at Exeter St David's to the front of the train and is then detached at Exeter Central to run back down to St David's. Locomotives used in this timetable are indicative of locos in use at the time. Most long-distance services required a change of loco at Exeter Central, the exception being where locos were changed at Salisbury. Local services to Exmouth were frequent and involved a run around there whilst trains arriving from Exmouth shed their loco at Exeter and used a previously detached loco from the Down Sidings for the following service to Exmouth. Other local services ran to Crediton, Sidmouth Junction, Honiton and Topsham. Railmotors with an attached carriage were used on the Topsham shuttle and some services to Sidmouth Junction and Honiton.


    04/08/19 -  Didcot is a fascinating location and now we have gone back over 100 years to bring you a timetable set on a Monday in 1910. Of course some compromises have had to be made but everything can still be run with care. More details can be found <here>.

        This timetable is based on the GWR Service Timetable dated October 1910 until further notice. Didcot has always been an interesting place and the motive power listed in this timetable is certainly different to the more modern timetables. Some services around midnight have been adjusted in order to include them in this timetable and some times throughout the timetable have been adjusted to avoid conflicts.  The timetable lists some stopping points for freight trains which are not possible in this simulation due to stopping points for these locations not included in the simulation. Where this is the case, the departure time has been nominated as the passing time. 


    25/06/19 - We are pleased to report two additional timetables have been added to our range today thanks to our prolific writer Alan Duckworth. The first one goes way back to 1913 and shows how a July Weekday in 1913 would be at our Portsmouth location.

        "A timetable that is over 100 years old compared to the modern timetable has been a bit of a challenge.
        Operationally some services that were current at the time,such as the Fratton - Southsea East shuttle have not been possible to portray on the sim. Mention should also be made of the Havant - Hayling Island services. These trains used a bay platform at Havant and were push pull operated. Having no bay platform depicted at Havant they now use either platform 1 or occasionally platform 2. They departed from Havant on a line that curved away to the south on the east side of the station. In order to include these trains, I have sent them via the Up and Down Brighton lines past Warblington.
        Services are supplied by two railway company’s. The London, Brighton and South Coast Railway (LBSCR) held sway on lines to the East and trains to London Victoria and London Bridge via Havant and Horsham. The London and South Western Railway (LSWR) had trains to London Waterloo via Havant and Guildford as well as services to Eastleigh, Southampton and Salisbury. They also had a through train both ways between Brighton and Salisbury with through coaches to and from Bournemouth and Plymouth.
        Fratton Motive Power Depot was a joint facility for the two company’s. Steam railcars were utilised by the LBSCR between Portsmouth and Southsea (previously known as Portsmouth Town) and Chichester. Some trains on the LSWR were also used in a push pull mode. All other trains were locomotive hauled making it necessary to change engines at both Portsmouth termini, so a great deal of light engine movements took place. Freight movements were minimal for both company’s and both used Fratton Yard".




      PC-Rail now have 2 versions of the same locations. e.g., York and Crewe.

      With the release of a Crewe 1950's layout (21/03/13) it is important to realise all the Crewe Timetables on this site were written prior to this release and will only work with the normal Crewe Power Box simulation. Any timetables which may be released later for the 1950's version will be on a seperate page when they become available.

      This is similar to York IECC and York 1951 Layout versions.

      Please check you have the correct version of the simulation prior to purchase, thankyou.

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