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Welcome to PC-Rail Services.
Providing Customer Support and Timetables for PC-Rail Customers.

    User Support - PC-Rail

    Please select the menu on the left to access the PC-Rail Customer Support Area. You can also access photo's and useful files through the PC-Rail Sims Group hosted on Yahoo Groups.

    Additional Timetables

    What new challenges for your PC-Rail Simulations?

    Now you can enjoy some new challenges with different trains, various years and seasons of additional timetables to pick from for your PC-Rail simulations. Have a look on our timetables page to see our full range of what we have to offer. We also offer a full list to print out in pdf format,  just select our full timetable list.

    Never ordered from us before? Have a look at the 'ordering' information and see just how easy it is. Once payment is confirmed you can download and install your timetables straight away and start a new challenge.

    Please note : You will need a fully registered version of the appropriate simulation to be able to import and use additional timetables.

    To keep you informed of new timetables and any special offers why not subscribe to our newsletter mailing list on the left. You can 'unsubscribe' just as easy if you like.



    22/08/16 - Another first. We are pleased to announce the first additional timetable for Chester set during a busy weekday race day in 1959. More details can be found <Chester>.

    19/08/16 - Our first additional timetable for Salisbury written by Alan Duckworth. Set on a busy July Weekday in 1909. More details can be found <Salisbury>.

    24/06/16 - Back to just over 100 years, before Electric and even Diesel trains with our lastest release Brighton Summer Weekday 1912. All steam at Brighton so plenty of locomotives to deal with.  Can the modern layout handle it?  Can you handle it? For more details <Brighton>.

    03/05/16 - The last timetable released for Carlisle was way back in 2008. So finally we have a new one for you. Based on a Weekday in 1966 so still a faint smell of steam in the air. More details at <Carlisle>

    04/04/16 - We are pleased to announce our first additional timetables for the Bradford Exchange and Derby simulations. Back to a very busy Weekday in 1961 at Bradford. 601 trains to keep you busy here. More details can be found at <Bradford Ex>.  The Derby timetable is set on a Weekday in 1987. Plenty of loco hauled trains at this time. More details can be found at <Derby>.

    03/03/16 - The first additional timetable for Warrington BQ. Set on a busy week in 2009. A full 24 hour timetable with a total of 747 trains to signal. Extensive timetable notes supplied due to the complexity of various routes and lines available. More details can be found <here>.



    PC-Rail now have 2 versions of the same locations. e.g., York and Crewe.

    With the release of a Crewe 1950's layout (21/03/13) it is important to realise all the Crewe Timetables on this site were written prior to this release and will only work with the normal Crewe Power Box simulation. Any timetables which may be released later for the 1950's version will be on a seperate page when they become available.

    This is similar to York IECC and York 1951 Layout versions.

    Please check you have the correct version of the simulation prior to purchase, thankyou.



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